Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

I was able to save $187.31 for the month of January by shopping the sales and using coupons. I'm really excited to see how much money I can save our family this coming year. I tend to go to extremes in an effort to save money!

Last night we decided to pick up a pizza on our way home from running a few errands. I think that our days of getting one pizza are long gone! I have no idea about what it will be like during the teenage years trying to feed 2 growing boys.

I'm making one small change to my "Friends" link on the side of my blog. It will only show the 25 most recently updated links. If you don't see your name on the sidebar, don't worry; it's still there. It will reappear the next time you make a post. Just trying to cut down on the length of links that I have over there.

I think that Jackson will flood our bathroom one day. He turns on the faucet at least once a day. This is how I found my tub the other day. He loves throwing all of my bottles of lotion into the tub. For now, I've had to put them away.

From the bottom, count up 3 shelves (to the one with the bread). This is where we found Jackson in full on Spider Man mode, scaling the heights of our pantry. Needless to say, my small step stool is now up on a high shelf out of his reach. This child....

Speaking of Jackson, I had to call Poison Control for the second time this month the other day. Jackson got a hold of my purse and got out a zippered bag inside that held a pill box. I've always kept 2 Tylenol in there. I found him with the Tylenol in his mouth. I was fortunately able to get it away from him and after piecing it together concluded that he ate about 1/4 of a pill. He was fine, but once again I was reminded that I can't turn my back for one second on our little Jack Jack!

Hope that you enjoyed our Saturday Evening Post!


Jess said...

Your active Jackson could probably do circles around my active little guy! Yesterday he was scaling Hubby's dresser by putting his feet in the handles and pulling up. All I could think is that we have got to anchor this furniture to the walls. This kid is going to be the one to give me premature gray hairs! I know it! Aren't kids supposed to keep you young? :)
I've called poison control too after A.J. ate part of a house plant that I didn't think was poisonous but ended up being "potentially harmful." Fortunately he only chewed it but apparently didn't swallow it. If you call again and they recognize your name, then you know it's been too much! ;)
P.S. I've fixed my comments section on my blog if you ever wanted to check it out.

jenna said...

Aww... look at how handsome that little Joshua looks!!

These Jackson stories crack me up! (But they are also kinda scary-- having to call poison control and stuff!)

chesley said...

That little guy is gonna be trouble!!