Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My World of Random

~ I go through a package of socks every winter.

~ Jason and I rented the first season of Samantha Who? this past Friday for $.99. We really like it.

~ Tonight's dinner - Spaghetti Casserole, French Bread and a Caesar Salad.

~ I've been working on finishing up my Grisham book, The Last Juror. After that I am planning on reading the 3rd Harry Potter book. I've read the first two and I really liked them. I have a hold on Multiple Blessings, for when it arrives at the library.

~ I am hoping to plant a garden this summer. I would love to have tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, and green beans. I've got a lot to learn, so we will see. I do plan on returning to Kentucky to buy some ears of corn to freeze. We are still eating on the corn that I bought last summer. It is so good!!!

~ We have one fish in our pond. We also get to look out at the 4 beautiful horses that are at the back of our property.

~ The kids and I are planning on making sausage balls.

~ I'm really wanting an ice cream maker for this summer.

~ I wonder how long I can keep nap time going.

~ While sorting laundry yesterday afternoon, Jack managed to shove FOUR pieces of gum into his mouth.

~ I'm getting ready to go consignment shopping. I think that Joshua can still wear all of his clothes from last year! He only needs pjs, shoes and a few more pairs of shorts. Woo-hoo!

~ Buying shoes for 3 kids can get very expensive! At least Jackson is getting Joshua's old pairs.

~ Speaking of summer clothes - how long do you think boy's shorts should be? Slightly above the knee, at the knee or below the knee. I always have the hardest time finding shorts that are long enough that will stay up.

~ At what age do you think boys should stop wearing shorts to church on Sunday mornings?

~ My daffodils are getting ready to bloom.

~ We have raised $140 for the March for Babies so far! We are so excited!

~ YIKES!!! This really scares me!
My bottom shelf in our closet.


Joy said...

Garden-I LOVE planting a garden until it's 100 degrees & then I wonder what exactly I was thinking! I love the planting & eating, just not so much the pickin'!
Shoes-what size do your boys wear? I have a box of shoes, some look good some not so good, but they'll do for playing outside. I never consign shoes so if you want me to take a look, I'll see what I've got in their size.
Shorts-I always said my boys would NEVER wear shorts, but now Cole is 9 & still wears shorts on most Sundays (warm Sundays, that is). You're just going to have to move to move to the upstairs, you can wear anything up there :)
Enjoy that spaghetti casserole, which just happens to be my fave!

kyllie said...

I love Samatha Who?, it's one of my favorites! Also, I think you will really like the third Harry Potter, that's actually the first one I read, b/c I had seen the first two movies, so I just skipped the books. The third book totally got me hooked!

Anonymous said...

I just saw your "saving" thing on the side and I was wondering how you save so much at Publix?

The HoneaBees said...
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The HoneaBees said...

Sorry about that, I made way too many typos and didn't proofread until I published...

Are you wanting the old fashioned kind of ice cream maker or the automatic? If you are looking for the Cuisinart ice cream maker, let me know. I am planning to put mine in the yard sale.

Sunny said...

Joy, Joshua is in an 8 right now. Jackson has pretty much been able to wear Joshua's size. However, he is already in a 6!!!

Kera, I've never really looked at ice cream makers. I want to make ice cream this summer. Is that what the Cuisinart one does? If so, I might be interested. I've NEVER made ice cream, so I don't know what I need.

Sunny said...

Anon, I get so excited about the Publix sales, because I can score such great deals. They double coupons up to $.50. I only shop the sales and really try to use a coupon to lower the price even more. You can really stock up when they have their buy one, get one free sales. You don't have to buy both products to get the sale's price (you can only buy one, of the buy one, get one).

Yesterday I saved a lot. Here's an example...
They had their Kraft dressings on sale, bogo. You could walk away with two bottles for the total sales price of $2.75. I had a $1.00 off coupon (on two bottles), so I got two bottles of dressing for $1.75 ($.87 each). If I had wanted only one bottle, I would have only paid $1.37. Their Juicy Juice was also bogo (2/$3.29). I only got this because I had a $.50 coupon. Bringing my sale's price down to 2/$2.29. I had two of those coupons, so I got 4 bottles for $1.15 each. They were the BIG bottles, too.

I used a coupon on every item that I bought at Publix yesterday. I saved $29.76 and only spent $24.63! I was SO excited about my deals. My shopping trip should have cost me $54.39. I love a good sale!

jenna said...

Sunny- I LOVE your Publix savings!!! That is incredible! (Though I never go there anymore- Kroger is closer and cheaper..) The Publix grocery stores are my favorite... they are just organized so beautifully! I get the same feelings in there that I get in a good office equipment store or a pretty bookstore.

And now I sound like a dork. :)

Laura Beth said...

I like boys shorts to the knees, personally. I think boys can get away with wearing shorts on warm Sundays until at least six or seven, easily!

Jason said...

I hate the John Stockton short-shorts look. The longer the better in my book.

AUbecca said...

Hey Sunny,
Matt planted a garden for us last year that turned out great. I wanted to help because I love garden but I was sporting approximately 40 extra pregnancy pounds during planting season! I guess it sort of evened out though because when it came pickin' time, I was no longer pregnant but Matt had just had another surgery and couldn't walk. I would have to strap Mattie to me like some kind of squaw and drag her out to the garden to pick. I'm sure that was fun for others to watch!
Our garden had tomatoes, corn, black eyed peas, cucumbers, watermelon, cantelope, and green beans. We are still in the learning process too because our tomatoes and beans didn't do too good. But, I will share one tip with you. A single cucumber plant makes ALOT of cucumbers. We had probably 6 plants (it's hard to tell for sure because they are really like a vine) and we gave away at least 100 cucumbers (seriously), we ate about 50, and then made 12 BIG jars of pickles so that we wouldn't waste any of them. Which reminds me, if you like homeade dill pickles, we still have 8 jars left and you are welcome to one. :o)
Rebecca Hill

Sunny said...

I would love to talk with you about starting a garden! I don't know anything! I do know that I want to eat the real thing (not something sitting in a can on the store shelf).

Jason said...

Rebecca, have you ever seen the "Pickles" episode of Andy Griffith? That's what I thought of when I read your comment!