Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Does Anyone Else Find This Funny?

Our LifeGroup has been studying, Dr. Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" on Sunday night. This week's love language was "Physical Touch". One of Dr. Chapman's ideas in meeting a spouse's need for physical touch is when "riding down the road together, reach over and touch your spouse on the leg, stomach, arm, or hand". I find the "stomach" touching a little funny!


Collegegirl said...

I find it quite funny:) You are not the only one!

Jamey said...

You're definately not the only one...I remember the first time I read that and thought it was a little quirky.

What a neat study...I've never thought about that for a small group setting.


I agree with you, Sunny. I found a few comments the other night funny. :) I do think it's a great book to study, though.