Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Ideas - Breakfast

I feel like I have been in a meal "rut" for several years now. I wanted to take some time and find out what everyone else is doing for their meals. I am trying to really change the foods that I offer my kids by giving them more healthier options. Please give me your feedback, because I think that we will all learn something new.

Today's Menu Item - Breakfast

Cereal ~ Unfortunately my pantry is stocked with all of the "sugary" cereals. I plan on finishing these up and then I will not buy anymore.

Cereal Bars ~ These are used the most when the kids need to get out the door to school.

Poptarts ~ I used these a lot last year on the way to school.

Eggo's Mini Muffin Tops ~ I just found these in the freezer section the other day. I think that the kids like them and they are easy to warm in the microwave to save time.

Eggo's Mini Pancakes ~ Another quick microwavable meal.

Cheese Toast ~ This is what the kids had for breakfast today. I think that they enjoyed it!

Muffins ~ When the time allows, I love making muffins for the kids and myself. We all love it!

Homemade Waffles ~ These are my family's favorites!

Sausage Balls ~ Yum! I usually find that I only make these around the holidays.

Eggs and Bacon ~ Hardly ever happens!

Unfortunately, my kids only prefer cereal, cereal bars or poptarts for breakfast. I don't want to give them this all the time. On the days that we have school, these options seem to be the best for time. Also, when my kids wake up, they want breakfast immediately! To take an extra 15 minutes to make something is just pure torture to them. I would also love to incorporate in some fruit too!

So, tell me what you usually serve and what you would like to serve. Maybe this will give us all some new ideas. I feel like sometimes I get caught making the same thing because I have not thought beyond the routine. I can't wait to hear your ideas!


Stefanie said...

I have to admit, we do poptarts as well. But I have started adding yogurt drinks to their menus. They love them and they are nutrious. I would love other suggestions as well. It is hard to find nutrious foods that are fast and easy.

TARA said...

I can no longer function without my protein shake. I make it in the Magic Bullet. My fav is to take OJ,cream, vanilla protein powder, frozen blueberries, frozen pineapple and blend it all up.

Hope likes hers with strawberries instead of blueberries.

The guys like to use the chocolate protein powder, add Hershey's syrup, cream, milk and for a real treat add strong coffee and ice!

Other options
Home made waffles
Peanut butter toast
Cheese toast
Bacon in the microwave

The kids got burnt out on cereal adn revolted against me, same for pop tarts and breakfast bars. Oh well..... good luck

Kennesaw Baumann said...

Anna usually eats waffles with some type of fresh fruit every morning. I know the syrup (sugar) is not the best but she loves her waffles. So I figure hey I will give her fresh fruit and it will even out. The other things I might make is muffins, homemade pancakes, turkey bacon, sausage, hard boiled eggs, and toast (to go with the waffle of course)!!!!! I hope this helps.......
Oh and by the way I did make Drew's cake with LOTS of help from my mom!!!!!!

Amy said...

we seem to alternate between oatmeal, poptarts and cereal. I try to throw in pancakes, muffins, or eggs and sausage ever so often but I find that those times are few are far between. I'm not a big breakfast person so it's hard for me fix stuff unless requested and that doesn't happen too often. They usually eat a banana or yogurt with their main item and I only buy the wheat poptarts or unfrosted and no crazy sugary cereal....I know those still aren't super nutritious but it makes me feel a little better.

Stacy said...

I only buy less-sugary cereals like Kix or Cheerios. When Jon shops, however, we end up with Lucky Charms or Cap'n Crunch or something like that!

Both of my kids eat a fruit bar almost every day for breakfast. I think I have bought pop tarts maybe once or twice.

We often throw in a fruit like blueberries, strawberries, grapes or bananas.

Sometimes they eat yogurt--seems like we get on kicks where they'll eat yogurt every day for 2 or 3 weeks but then they don't want it for a few weeks.

I never ever cook in the morning. Maybe a bad mom...but I'm usually trying to fight my way out of my coma when they wake me up! :) They're lucky when I manage to get the wrappers off and fill their cups up! :)

Stacy said...

P.S. on days when I feel like having something I throw a SlimFast strawberry shake in the Magic Bullet with ice to make a slush. My kids LOVE this, and I have to get 3 straws for my cup and I get less than half of it anyways! :)

Stacy said...

Sorry...I thought of something else...Lately I've been putting a bagel in the toaster (about an hour after I wake up and the kids have already eaten) and put some cream cheese on it...they seem to LOVE this! I don't know if they would eat enough for it to serve as their breakfast, but I may try it soon. I get blueberry bagels and blueberry cream cheese!

Jamey said...

We do oatmeal, waffles and pancakes a lot, as well as fruit bars on the way out the door. Some other things I've made that Avery seems to like:

French toast, cinnamon toast, breakfast burritos (eggs & cheese), peanut butter toast-sometimes with jelly, bagels with strawberry cream cheese or peanut butter, and bisquits--all time favorite of ours.

I've also tried putting anything I would put on toast onto a tortilla, and that makes it look different and Avery thinks she's getting a new treat.

P.S. I've enjoyed this post for some fresh ideas! Can't wait for lunch and dinner.

alice said...

My kids like routine in their breakfast. They both always start with a bannana. Its healthy and portable. Anna usually then has a plain Nutrigrain waffle. Caleb either has a waffle or yogurt. We have a lot of fresh fruit in the summer so they have that too. Caleb LOVES poptarts but we've trained him to know that he only gets them on the weekends and after his bannana. I hope that you find some ideas for your kids. I've gotten some ideas from these comments. (like others have said we don't keep sugar cereals around so they don't even know about them....yet)


I need some good ideas, too, Sunny...thanks! Breakfast is the hardest meal for me to come up with ideas. I always try to do some kind of fruit for breakfast...usually bananas. We do cheese toast in the little toaster a lot. I cook eggs in the microwave sometimes to give with the cheese toast and fruit. It's quick and it tastes good still. Other days I do Nutri Grain bars with fruit. Sometimes I do the Eggo Cinnamon toast. I just bought some Toaster Strudels to try. Not real healthy, I don't guess, but it's a change. On very rare occasions, I will cook pancakes, bacon, and maybe tator tots and occasionally we go to Chick-fil-A drive thru. You knew that already. Mommy has to get her fix. :) You can also buy those Perfect Portions biscuits where there are two in a pack and I think you can put those in the microwave. That's another idea for you. :)

Collegegirl said...

Ideas: Try a healthier cereal such a Honey Cheerioes or something less sugary. Toast with jelly works too. We also make microwavable bacon and the family enjoys it. If you are in a bind or the kids are really hungry, try drinkable yogurt. They have the kid size and it is EASY, which is what you want.

Whatever fills them up also works!

chesley said...

I have to admit Grant eats mini pancakes with sausage every day almost during the week at his sitter's. I buy the low sugar syrup though. He loves it and sometimes even asks for it for dinner. On the weekends, he usually eats oatmeal & yogurt or cereal. He loves the Special K with strawberries and of course granola bars when we're on the go.

Alisha said...

Wow! So many great ideas! For us these days we are eating frozen waffles, french toast or instant oatmeal (sugar free - it tastes just like the ones with sugar). Will really likes the brown sugar one. He used to eat all kinds of fruit but these days all I can get him to eat is watermelon, blueberries and bananas every now and then. I do not cook breakfast because I have to cook lunch and dinner most days. Way too much cooking if you ask me!

LucyP said...

Sorry Sunny--i'm just now catching up on blogs--but I thought I'd share this belated link--i think i mentioned it to you when we saw each other.

The website goes with the bk "Eat this, Not that" and it's incredible! There's a supermarket and kids' food section too that helps show simple exchanges that can be made to save on calories and sugar! Hope you like it!