Friday, July 25, 2008

Shucking and Canning

Yesterday, I headed up to Scottsville, Kentucky with sister-in-law, Tara. We went to buy ears of corn and canning tomatoes from the Amish. We were definitely outnumbered with 5 kids, but they all did so well and enjoyed the task of finding corn. Tara and I ended up shucking, silking, cutting, boiling and bagging 192 ears of corn. After finishing up the corn, I became a little too ambitious and decided to core, cut, puree, boil and can a case of tomatoes. Tara and I worked so hard and now we have a nice supply of tomato puree and frozen corn. I really enjoyed the whole process, but it was a lot of work!


chesley said...

I hope you have lots of room for all of that stuff! I made some cherry preserves this year and it was way too much work, plus I have no where to keep it!

Stacy said...

Good job!! That was one thing you said you wanted to do and I am impressed you got it done! If you need to borrow some freezer space we'd be glad to loan some! You'd just better count the number of bags you bring us, and then again when you pick them up!!! haha...we wouldn't want any to go 'missing' around here, would we now??? :)

Amy said...

I'll loan some freezer space too!! You don't have to count the ones you bring us though, no point in wasting that time. :)