Thursday, July 03, 2008

What We've Been Up To

We finished up our t-ball season last week. Joshua and Jason had so much fun this year! It was a true joy to watch Jason and Joshua on the field together. Here are some pictures of Joshua's last t-ball game.
(Yes, Jason is wearing his suit. He taped tv that morning and forgot his change of clothes. I was late getting to the game because of traffic, so he had to coach in his suit.)

Waiting on deck

Stepping up to the plate

Getting ready to swing

I absolutely LOVE the look on Joshua's face as he is running to 1st base!

Safe at 1st!

Jason and Joshua after the game

Our proud little Cardinal!

Joshua showing off his T-Ball trophy

Jackson is turning into our wild little man. He's definitely keeping me on my toes. He is a climbing machine. Jackson is in to EVERYTHING (and he is proud of it, too)!!!

Our little monkey!

I took all 3 kids to the pool by myself the other day. This has been my biggest fear all summer long. All of the kids did great! We had so much fun together!

Pool time!

Fun in the sun!



I bet that was so much special for Jason and Joshua to get to coach / play t-ball together. I'm glad the season was fun and went good! I definitely have not attempted the swimming pool all by myself yet. Don't know if I will this summer...probably next. :) I'm glad ya'll had a good time together!

TARA said...

Such fun time and memories! May yall have many many more!

Jamey said...

How fun! Looks like they had a good time.