Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Little Titan's Football Player and Cheerleader

This year the kids agreed on a Titan's themed birthday party. They came up with the idea all on their own. (I was personally pulling for a Western - Cowboy/Cowgirl theme.) However, they are both independent thinkers and they both have their own unique likes and dislikes. I was excited that they agreed on something together and Jason and I got to work on all of the other ideas to incorporate into the party.

We sent out the invitations to family and friends with the Gameday (date), Kickoff (time), and Stadium (place) printed on them with the Titan's logo. All of their friends came decked out in their favorite team jerseys or cheerleader outfits. We played some football music and some of their favorite songs during the party. We welcomed all of their friends and family with some football and cheerleader coloring sheets. Next, we let the kids play a football toss. We had some adults hold a hoola hoop in the air while the kids practiced their football throwing skills. After the football toss, the kids decorated some megaphones with some craft foam letters, shapes, and some football stickers. After the kids decorated their megaphones, Jason "tatted" up all of the boys and girls with some football tattoos. Joshua and Abby Kate had requested pizza, chips and goldfish for their meal. They both got SO many presents. (It's at those times that I have to remember that it is just overloaded because they are twins). We all sang Happy Birthday to Abby Kate (she is older by one minute!) while she blew out her FOUR candles on her Titan's "cheerleader" birthday cake. Joshua was up next and he enjoyed having everyone sing Happy Birthday to him as he blew out his FOUR candles on his Titan's "football player" birthday cake. We were all pretty tired after the party, but it was worth it!

Our little Titans!

Saying "Thank You" for all of their presents!


Collegegirl said...

WOW! Looks like you all had F-U-N!!
I LOVE the theme! Too cute!

TARA said...

I am sad we missed this party and that we are not closer. They are growing up so fast, and I don't want to miss all this :(

Jason said...

That first picture of them is one of my all-time favorites of the two of them. It's my desktop now.


The party was so fun! I'm glad Joshua and Abby Kate were born. :) Thanks for letting us be a part of the fun. I thought ya'll did great organizing and planning it. Can you plan mine next time?

Amy said...

I hate that we missed the party. :(
Looks like ya'll had fun though and that all the details fell into place!

Supabloggasuprememama said...